The Fifteenth Day of Lent

March 6, 2015

I spend a lot of time in airports.

The best part of all my airport time is the people-watching.

Slow-as-molasses walkers
NASCAR walkers
Weaving walkers
Front of the first class line standers
Line blockers
Kids running wild
Parents who have given up
People give parents and children the stink eye
People who look like they are going clubbing
People who look like they are going to sit in a sauna
People who stepped out of GQ
People who rolled out of bed
Short people
Tall people
People who collegiate sports
People who look like they should be in a band
People who just need to get home

And while it would be easy focus on the ugliest aspects of the people who pass – attitude, outfit, personality, actions, whatever – I constantly remind myself that every person is beautiful to someone and all are cherished by God. I don’t always succeed in holding this posture of life, but I try.

After all, if I am people-watching others, someone is probably people-watching me and I would like them to not to focus on the ugly in me either.

See you tomorrow.

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