The Nineteenth Day of Lent

March 11, 2015

Our girls make us laugh.

This evening during dinner the three of them were on a roll. Covering everything from how each of their lives: oldest, middle, and youngest, was the hardest to live to who could still wrestle who to the ground to who would the most ignored by the time we got around to them . . . yes Youngest made the case for us coasting into all future choices.

As I sat there giggling at their humor that was tinged with cutting wit, while maintaining a familial playfulness, I was so grateful that they really do get along. And while we would LOVE to take full credit for this sisterly bond, we know that this is due much to the communities into which we have placed our trust to raise them. And in that choosing, I think we have done pretty well.

We will have a few more of those choices to make in the coming weeks and months as we decide on high school for Middle and college for Eldest, so I hope we can again makes some choices that will continue to bring them growth, joy, and playfulness.

See you tomorrow.

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