The Seventeenth Day of Lent

March 9, 2015

#Parentbrag = a double edge sword.

Our family, like many others around the country have been and will be receiving word from colleges about acceptances and financial aid. This is both a stressful and exciting time as people move into different stages of life, education, and parental relationships.

As we get sucked into the frenzy ourselves, I am acutely aware of the many people for whom, by choice or circumstance, college is not in play. While we as a culture may speak a good game about young people and college, we often do not live that out in reality. We lift up some institutions over others, we look down upon those who choose not to go to college, we place unrealistic – too high and too low – expectations on students, we simple don’t remember that diverse ways in which people live into adulthood.

This is especially obvious as we parents, in our enthusiasm, being to share the next journeys of our children. This is good news and worthy of sharing with family and friends, but we must also keep in mind that our celebrations can sometimes lend to the exclusion of others.

See you tomorrow.

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