The Sixteenth Day of Lent

March 7, 2015

Some stories are not mine to share.

While some may think that I overshare quite, rest assured that the internet does not know all of my secrets. The frequency with which I engage on social networks combined with the personal content I share might lead people to believe that I am an open book.

Well. I AM an open book. Sort of.

I have no problem sharing my story. That level is sharing may be different from that of others, but in most cases, I am all out there for the world to see.

What I am not an open book about, and have to always have as a content filter, is the story of those around me and whose stories are not mine to share. I have lost count of the number of times that I have wanted to tweet or update something about my family – on both sides – as we have had some wild stuff occur over the years. But I fight the urge and let it pass.

We really could be our own reality show. Seriously.

So when things more conflicted or chaotic than usual, I simply offer prayers, words, and content that address my needs and hope that the needs of others are also addressed.  My family members – extended and immediate – have different levels of comfort around online sharing, and I want to honor that,

Seriously, if you only knew.

But you never will.

See you tomorrow.

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