Thirteenth day of Lent

Thirteenth day of Lent

March 4, 2015

The San Francisco Giants’ season is unraveling and the Athletics are going score 1,458 runs in 2015.

Okay, these declarations MIGHT be a little pre-mature after only the first two games of Spring Training, but after losing again to the Athletics 9-2, a boy can dream 🙂

So besides watching the A’s drop nine of the Giants, the best part of today’s game was getting to know some of the folks around us. There was the couple from Daly City who has come to Spring Training for the past 15 years, the woman from Oakland who wore a luchador mask while taunting opposing players, and the father-son duo where we a bit socially awkward, but knew their Athletics from top to bottom. Our section – while appropriately obnoxious – was so very fun.

Sports is such an interesting phenomenon made up of both the good and the bad. The bonding of sports fan-atics is def one of the good parts.

See you tomorrow.

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