Twenty-fifth day of Lent

March 18, 2015

Every once in a while, it’s nice to be loved.

Today I did an ignite presentation at the Next Church Conference in Chicago. Without going into any huge analysis of the conference, ignite, presentations, or other disclaimers, apparently it was well received.

The twitter machine was very kind and receptive to what I had to say and how I went about sharing. Granted I have done a variation of this presentation in the past and will do an expanded one tomorrow at the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference, but each time I do my best to give a fresh perspective and energy.

It is interesting how we receive affirmations. Most of the time, I want to deflect or refuse it, but in reality, sometimes, I just have to say, “thank you” and receive the words for what they are — a gesture of kindness and appreciation.

Now there are times when each of us lets our ego get in the way and we begin to expect compliments or feel like kind words are always due to us, but I also think that we have a hard time simple receiving words of affirmation – as if by doing so is some kind of sinful act or pride.

So for all of you who shared kind words, today, THANK YOU.

And for all who have done a good deed this day, THANK YOU TOO!

Just take it.

See you tomorrow.

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