The Twenty-second Day of Lent

March 14, 2015

Disappointment hurts.

Everyone yearns to be wanted, accepted, and appreciated. We all express these needs is different ways at different times, but no matter the situation, to be rejected never feels good.

School acceptance season, does not help. For no matter how much we may tell our kids that the school acceptance process is a fickle and funny endeavor, our culture and society has built up the idea that our worth is based on the acceptance of others.

I don’t worry that my daughters have an unhealthy sense of self-worth, but it hurts nonetheless to see glimmers of self-doubt creep in. They too easily focus on the negative, they hear whispers of judgement from others, and they pick-up on the subtle achievement pressures that are inflicted upon young people today.

So as much as some like to say that this generation is coddled and entitled, it also sucks to be a kid today.

It takes all my willpower to not rush over, take them in my arms, and tell them not to worry, but the reality is that sitting their sadness is an important place to stay — if not for a moment. For allowing a child to navigate herself out of despair now will help them to do the same as they grow, mature, and face future moments of disappointment and doubt.

I think the best think to do is to continue to love them into being the unique and complex creatures God has created them to be — and, if we are fortunate enough, whether it be romance, education or employment, they will never truly doubt their worth.

See you Monday.

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