The Thirty-seventh Day of Lent

April 1, 2015

You sit on a throne of lies! – Buddy the Elf.

Today was April Fool’s Day and while I generally don’t participate, this week I shared a post from 2009 by Mark Smith that I have shared a few times over the years, BREAKING NEWS: PC(USA) Moderator leaving PC(USA).

So let’s recap:

  • April 1st
  • The date of the post is 2009
  • I have shared this twice before

Holy moley, people took it hook, line and singer. Then, as Facebook algorithms do, it began showing up at the top of people’s newsfeeds and it really took off. Yes, 2009, shared before, and April 1.

You can check out the reach, share, comment numbers on the Facebook Page post, crazy. Only slightly less so, people also bought it on my profile page.

The story was overwhelming well received, though there were a few folks who didn’t think it was funny of clever. Ah well, I’ll test it again in 2020 when I post it again, after if history holds true everyone will have forgotten about it by then.

See you tomorrow.


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