December 1, 1990 — San Francisco, CA

December 1, 1990 — San Francisco, CA

It is hard to believe that 25 years ago Robin and I exchanged marriage vows. We have been through a great deal since then: occupational wanderings, financial roller-coasters, parental adventures, and everything else that comes with 25 years of better, worse, sickness, and health.

To celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary we have a small family dinner, but we will express the bulk of our gratitude for our life together by making a matching gift to McCormick Theological Seminary’s newly launched Do Justice Fund — a fund which will go towards racial justice work including ongoing work with and around the #BlackLivesMatter movement nationally and in Chicago.

We have always felt that McCormick, at all levels: students, faculty, and administration, expresses a prophetically thoughtful and theological grounded approach to the fight for justice. In recent weeks they have once again witnessed to this fact with a letter from President Frank Yamada regarding the recent video release showing the shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago. Also, through many friends and my brief dalliance with the Doctor of Ministry program, we have always felt that our personal understanding of the Gospel and expression of faith aligns well with McCormick’s.

We would be honored if you would join us this #GivingTuesday and beyond and contribute to the Do Justice Fund by matching and exceeding our gift of $1,250. It is a small amount to begin with, but we hope that you too will want to support McCormick in its ongoing work of providing  theological training and supporting pastoral activism upon which justice may be built.

For more info about Giving Tuesday and the Do Justice fund [click here].


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