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Episode details:

Episode Recap:

  • Introductions
  • Complexities and cautions of talking about Holtzclaw, Mixed race realities, oppression competition.
  • Asian American invisibility, Black/white binaries, how white supremacy uses whiteness.
  • Asian Asian understanding and convenience of whiteness, shame within our communities, solidarity to others’ struggles.
  • Selfcare and shout-outs

Shout-outs from Laura and Kathy

At the end of each episode I ask guests to share some organizations and/or individuals who need to be thanks, read, known, etc. Laura shared two: a new book that you can pre-order, Race in a Post-Obama America: The Church Responds; and Crossroads Anto-Racism Organizing and Training. Kathy lifted up her friend, Leroy Barber and the organization that he works with, The Voices Project.

Why this topics now?

BRC and Friends is back for at least one episode in 2015 before its big relaunch in 2016. Inspired by a twitter conversation about the recent trial and conviction of Oklahoma police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw. We will be discussing two central issues: namely what does it mean that so many have identified Holtzclaw as white, and what does it mean for the Asian American community to name his Asian American identity?

These are not easy or simple questions but we hope that having this conversation will help.

The Rev. Laura Mariko Cheifetz — @lmcheifetz

Laura is a double pastors’ kid of Japanese and white Jewish descent born in California, and raised in Oregon and Washington. After stints in New York City (Presbyterian United Nations Office), Chicago (McCormick Theological Seminary), San Francisco (pastoral internship), and Atlanta (The Forum for Theological Exploration), she now lives in Louisville and works as the Vice President of Church & Public Relations for the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation. She co-edited a book named Church On Purpose and has written various articles and chapters for publication. Laura blogs occasionally at churchrelations.blogspot.com.

She enjoys food, friends, her dogs, bad pop music, and television marathons.

Kathy Khang — @mskathykhang

Kathy Khang is currently the director of campus access initiatives multiethnic director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. Before that, Kathy spent 10 years ministering to students at her alma mater, Northwestern University, first as the campus staff for the Asian American InterVarsity chapter and then as the area director overseeing undergraduate ministry to more than 300 students. An alumna of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Kathy worked as a newspaper reporter in Green Bay and Milwaukee, WI before going on staff with InterVarsity.

She is one the authors of More Than Serving Tea (IVP, 2006) – a one-of-a-kind book exploring faith, gender, culture and ethnic identity from the distinct perspective of Asian American Christian women and has spoken and lectured at countless InterVarsity chapters, conference and educational institutions. Kathy also was one of the activists behind the Asian American Open Letter to the Evangelical Church.

But most importantly, Kathy loves Jesus and can’t get through a week without coffee, yoga, nail polish, and laughter. She and her husband Peter Chang live in the north suburbs of Chicago and are honored to be the parents Bethany, Corban, and Elias.

You can connect with Kathy at her blog www.kathykhang.com, on her Facebook Page, or on Twitter and Instagram.

Bruce Reyes-Chow

A bit about BRC and Friends

Bruce Reyes-ChowBRC and Friends is a show hosted by, me, Bruce Reyes-Chow. This is meant to be a space where we can gain depth and texture of a broad range of issues, theological, social, and political. Vodcasting through Hangouts on Air which allows for both visual and vocal interaction, I hope that we  will get to know people a little better as complex human beings, and collectively make the world a better place. We will not always succeed, but sometimes silence is just not an option.

Thank you.

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