January 28, 2018

If you’re stuck in your worship planning process, here are some prayers for your use.

Call to Worship: Deuteronomy 

One: God you speak to us in so many ways: from other lands, from new voices, and from these very pews.
ALL: God, helps us to know when the prophets in this place are speaking your truth.
One: For you speak through our stories, our struggles, and our hopes.
ALL: God help us to listen, truly listen, to those whom you have called to speak words of challenge and hope in this place. AMEN.

Confession: Deuteronomy

God, there are times when you speak to us through the words of others and we fail to listen. We let our prejudice, arrogance, and pursuit of comfort block us from listening to the prophets in our midst. There are also times when we only claim to speak your words of healing wholeness when our we are really just speaking in the hopes that we will gain success and wealth. Forgive us, God, for those times when we forsake your words and forgive us when we the words we speak are separate from you. AMEN.

Assurance of Pardon: Deuteronomy

God, even when we are arrogant or belligerent, when we truly return to you in prayer, you extend a generosity of grace beyond our imagination.

People of God, hear the good news that in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ you are forgiven and made new. AMEN.

Dedication of Offering: Deuteronomy

God you speak to us in different ways and through different people. Let today’s offerings be signs and symbols of your presence in the world and our commitment to speak your truth. And let all that we are and all that we bring this day, be pleasing to you. AMEN.

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