Not to be a total control freak . . . actually I take that back, to be a total control freak, here are some guidelines and understandings that will be helpful if you wish to engage in any discourse on this here blog.

First and foremost, my blog is like a place I call home, a place where I hope to provide hospitality to strangers, friends and family. Being my home I feel that it is, not only my obligation to keep you well fed, but also to keep it emotionally and spiritually safe for all those who enter.

After hanging out a bit it is my hope that you will at some point be challenged, comforted, intrigued, cared for and on occasion given reason to give a deep exhale or a loud and hearty guffaw! Like a big ol’ gathering around the dinner table, it is my hope that we can fully experience the joys of being the complex, creative and amazing people God has made us to be.

But with all that flowery optimism, there are some lines that shan’t be crossed in my home. My lines may be further out there than some, but make no mistake . . . they are there. Here are few to keep I mind should you want to stay part of the this particular house party.

Your comments MAY be deleted if . . .

  • I SAY SO // While I will not play this card unless you REALLY violate some of the other guidelines below, I do reserve the right to delete comments, block users and otherwise ask you to leave my home until such time as we can repair our relationship and come to some mutual understanding of blog behavior.  There are consequences my friends!
  • YOU ARE RATED R+ // PG-13 people.  Easy on the swears.  I don’t have all that many kids reading my blog, but please only use profanity when it there is no other way to express your feeling AND kindly use the cute little symbols up there by your number keys – @#$%^& – to replace actual letters.
  • YOU ARE MEANY McMEANY // I understand that being “nasty and mean” to one person is “speaking the truth in love” to another, but I reserve the right to delete any and all comments that I have deemed unhelpful, mean-spirited, vindictive, violent, sexual or otherwise inappropriately personal in nature.
  • YOU DROP SPAM HERE // Really, hocking your wares on someone’s blog?!?!?  Now I don’t mind if it has something to do with the post, but make it personal, make it relevant, and don’t make it seem like you are some automatic spybot with a horrible English translation feature.  Off-topic posts of any kind will be deemed spam.
  • YOU ARE TOO ANONYMOUS // While I understand that some folks need to stay anonymous because of work, family, etc. be aware that when assessing a comment I will ask the question, “Is this a real person who is willing to share their opinions with some accountability?”  This means tha anonymous, unlinked comments will probably be deleted if there is any questions about their validity or helpfulness to the discourse.
  • YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER // My home is not a place to be a jerk, not take responsibility for your words, act a fool, be stupid or otherwise disrespect the space for discourse and growth the blogosphere is meant to be.  If you are new to the blog world and are learning the culture that is one thing, but being intentionally destructive will not be tolerated.

So that is it . . . please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, additions, etc. and I’ll update it as appropriate.