Tag: ecumenical

December 31 2017

After a FB post in December 2016, it’s now been a year that the Church for Church Workers Facebook Group has been connecting and engaging.  While activities have and will continue to change with the rhythms and seasons of life, I am[…]

March 12 2013

Okay, the “or die” might be a little dramatic. Rest assured that I am not about “saving” uninspired institutions or preserving oppressive systems of hierarchy, but when it comes to my beloved denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA), I am deeply committed[…]

April 12 2012

Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of being part of two task forces charged with thinking about the future of the National Council of Churches in the USA in light of so many changes in the cultural, religious[…]

March 11 2012

This spring I am taking a personal blogging hiatus and have invited some folks to blog in my stead. It is my intention help share some new voices and perspectives with a larger audience and keep my blog active during my break. If you are interested in guest[…]

June 9 2009

 A few weeks back, I invited folks to submit some ideas about why they are choosing to live out their faith through in a denominational context [Original WWCDL Post]. Today's is the first repsponse to the question and it comes[…]