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May 1 2013

For the first time, in a very long time, I have gone an entire month without posting a single blog entry . . . anywhere. Weird. Now I know that some of you have not even noticed, that’s cool […]

April 30 2011

UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE ADJUSTING AND ADAPTING: While I had hope to have enough vids to fill the day, it was not too be by our initial deadline of May 22.  While we did get more than[…]

September 13 2010

I was just wondering if the whole "meme" thing has dissappeared, and then lo' and behold, friend Adam Copeland who blogs over at A Wee Blather "tagged" me to particpate in his tattoo meme.  And because Adam is a great guy[…]

April 13 2009

[Image: 1995, my ordination year] Greetings all.  I trust everyone had a revelatory Easter and enjoying some time of rest after Lent and Holy Week. A few weeks ago, I received a note from a seminarian asking me to answer[…]