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October 15 2015

My Review of Spotlight Whenever I attend a movie screening for a film that address religions and faith, I try my darnedest to remain as objective as possible. I realize that most folks do not have the same religious, theological, or[…]

December 24 2014

[See all pictures from my day on the set here – and yes, I met Ms. O.] As we sat in the lounge of Selma’s historic St. James Hotel, one by one onlookers came streaming in. Like any fan approaching larger than[…]

March 27 2014
Darren Aronofsky's Noah

Okay, before you get all excited about what you hope is or is not in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, let me crush your dreams. First, there is no Bill Cosby cameo and at no time does Noah ask God, “What’s a cubit?” Secondly, I[…]

December 27 2012

Last night, my wife and I finally went to see Les Mis. I have seen about six productions of Les Misérables over the years as well as all the anniversary concerts, so, like most fans, we were very excited about the movie. And[…]

March 3 2011

This week, thanks to Klout Perks, my wife and I were treated to an unexpected date night and a special preview of the new Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, sci-fi, thriller, love story, “The Adjustment Bureau.” Opening March 4th, I[…]

August 7 2008

BRC Movie Review Disclaimer Last month MBCC Hosted the SF Premier of the mockumentary, Unflinching Triumph, directed by Mark Decena.  From the maker of the Sundance Award winning film, Dopamine, comes this mockumentary about the up-and-coming sport of Staredown and[…]

July 11 2008

So I was just going to review a bunch of movies that I have recently seen and figured before doing so I had to come clean with my approach to movie reviewing.  This is somewhat an expansion of a disclaimer[…]