Tag: sadness

November 23 2015

Holidazed weather shifts invitations arrive decorations appear joyful, joyful is the call joy does not always come though somehow I make it through memories of loved ones departed bring back grief and heartache family resentments are added to the hidden pile of[…]

November 11 2015

Stay The unknown disrupts my well-crafted plans. I choose to stay. The ambivalence destabilizes my stylized world. I choose to stay. The grief scrapes my soul. With each tear shed each whisper of doubt each glimmer of what might of been I[…]

March 6 2008

I am sitting here at Peet’s in Pacific Heights and right outside the window I am witnessing the dreaded “exchange” that happens between parents when there is divorce and there is a child involved. Child in tears. Mom looking helpless[…]