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March 20 2015

March 20, 2015 4:00 am is an ungodly time to wake up. In order to make it home in time to see the girls’ track meet, I hopped on a place that required me to request a 4:00 am wake-up[…]

July 3 2009

[image: caveman 92223] I hope this post finds you well and thankful as we enter this weekend of remembrance.  It seems appropriate on this Fourth of July weekend to reflect a bit on how, if and when we as Presbyterians[…]

April 21 2009

[image: Giampaolo Macorig] While I continue to hold firm to a 1/3 travel schedule, the past few months have been pretty light in terms of travel.  In addition to the GAC/OGA meetings last month, I was able to attend the[…]

January 15 2009

As some have heard, Robin and I will be attending the swearing-in ceremonies at the presidential inauguration festivities next week in Washington DC.  Needless to say, I am very excited about the opportunity and grateful for those who have made[…]

January 13 2009

Because of my role as Moderator, this February, I and my family will have the privilege of traveling to Asia spending time in the Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is such a great privilege to be able to take[…]

January 10 2009

Fighting every urge to be verbose in describing my wonderful experience at the 2009 Montreat College Conference, let me simply leave a couple of videos for you to watch and get a glimpse of the time spent with 1,000 college[…]

December 3 2008

I just returned from an evening of meandering around downtown Memphis, had some ribs at Superior Bar and Restaurant on Beale street and now catching up in the solitude of the hotel room ;-)  The weather here is amazing and[…]

December 3 2008

So I know it has been a while since I have been blogging over here, but do not fear, I am back and recommitted to getting my Moderator thing back in the groove.   Just a few updates for you all[…]

November 9 2008

[image: paraflyer] I just arrived in New York after a splendid red-eye flight from San Francisco.  Pretty psyched about this nine day trip where I will again get to interact with some great and diverse ministries.  For more info on[…]

October 21 2008

In a few hours I will board a plane and head to the City of Brotherly Love with images of Philly Cheesesteaks, Boyz II Men and The Rocky Steps dancing in my head.  This is a short trip as the[…]

September 25 2008

[image: hmaxwell]So far this whole traveling thing has gone pretty well – and yes, I still owe the metro-DC areas a recap – but the next few weeks will have Byron and myself out on the road quite a bit[…]

September 14 2008

Well today has been quite the day. First, I had the privilege of preaching at Peace Presbyterian Church in Louisville.  Rev. Wayne Steele is leading a group of folks there that should make the PC(USA) proud.  This church community felt[…]

August 22 2008

[Photos: Erin Dunigan] Last week I hung out in Southern California attending the Presbyterian Global Fellowship Inside Out conference in Long Beach – pics above – and then preaching at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. The PGF event was[…]

August 14 2008

With summer’s end quickly approaching, the travel will begin to pick up for Byron and I as we begin to get out and visit the church, listen for what is going on and share back what we are saying to[…]

August 13 2008

Okay, so things are settling down and we have a tentative travel schedule through the end of the year and a few into 2009 and 2010.  We are still working out the kinks about getting that info out, so please[…]

August 1 2008

Greetings all.  I hope folks are doing well.  Here are a few points of interest that I thought might be a good addition to your Friday web wanderings. I WANT ONE, EH – Those Canadians really do rock!  I may[…]

July 23 2008

Hey all, sorry for missing the "Moderator Monday" posting this week.  I know folks were on pins-and-needles just waiting, waiting, waiting* 😉  This week I am in Louisville meeting staff, getting oriented, moving into my office, not getting as much[…]

July 3 2008

So . . . more than one person has asked about scheduling a moderator visit.  While we can’t promise anything to anyone, we will try to get around as much as possible.  I plan to travel about 3 out of[…]

May 8 2008

With none really deserving of it’s own post, here are few random links, musings and other thoughts as offered up as I continue on this candidate for moderator adventure. Listening to the church // As part of my hope to[…]

April 22 2008

East Coast** here we come! After leaving a sick kid with my wife and now sitting here at SFO ready to hop on a red-eye to Louisville, that little voice inside whispers, "Why are you doing this again?"  Seriously.  Then[…]

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