Center for Progressive RenewalCoaching with CPR

I have been coaching individuals and groups since 2013 through The Center for Progressive Renewal. Based in Atlanta GA, CPR focusing on working with theologically progressive congregations and leaders to help them to grow in body and spirit.

I intend for coaching sessions not to be a burden and one more meeting on the calendar, but to be a space where both short and long-term ministry questions can be thoughtfully discussed. By asking questions and offering direction, I help leaders to find contextually effective tactics and strategies for ministry. I offers special expertise in social media, church planting, transitional/interim ministry, and multiculturalism.

My coaching has focused around four main areas and take place with individuals as well as groups.

  • Church Planting: Coaching church planters through all stages of the church planting experience.
  • Congregational Development: After working with a congregation with vision building, I coach with leadership teams and staff to help in the implementation stages of the plan.
  • Transitional Ministry: Helping leadership to examine and assess family systems and organizational culture, I help coach people through times of transitional or interim ministry.
  • General Leadership: Coaching around general leadership issues, discernment of call, conflict, etc.
  • Digital Ministry: Coaching around the understanding, integration, and application/s of social media and digital ministry.

How it works:

  • Generally once a month
  • Over the phone or video call
  • We talk about questions that the coachee wants to discuss
  • Combination of discernment, content, etc.

For more information on topics, rates, and or any other info:

Definitive-ish Guide for Using Social Media in the Church by Bruce Reyes-ChowDefinitive-ish Digital Ministry Coaching with BRC

For the past 20 years I have been deeply engaged in in both the practical and theoretic adventure of social media, technology, and the church. I have written a book on social media and the church, generated countless blog posts, and have consulted with numerous churches and organizations. Most importantly I have pastored congregations and have found faithful and meaningful ways for congregations to integrate digital ministry into all aspects of their life together.

In this six-month coaching group, we will cover best practices, dive deeper into common networks, and share new technologies as they come into view. Session will be a blend of content and crowdsourcing in that I will share some thing that I have learned AND we will help one another as with specific contextual situations and questions.

Structure of the Session:

  • Check-in (10m): Quick time for folks to reconnect
  • Focus Area (20m): I will cover one of the six Cs
  • Individual (20m): One person will bring 2-3 questions/issues to the group
  • Wrap-Up (10m): Last questions: new apps, links, etc.


  • Price: $600
  • Frequency: Monthly, 60 minutes
  • Participants: Limit 6
  • Technology: Via Zoom