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January 1 2015

UPDATE: Didn’t even make it a week. Typical. *SMH* Every year about this time, bloggers, photographers, and others embark on a journey of sharing a thought, an image or a prayer each day of the year. And while I have no[…]

April 30 2011

UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE ADJUSTING AND ADAPTING: While I had hope to have enough vids to fill the day, it was not too be by our initial deadline of May 22.  While we did get more than[…]

March 2 2009

You are kidding me?  Another couple of church & culture pundit types with another internet radio talk show?  Really?  Yep, beginning May 4, 2009, author of The Tribal Church and pastor, blogger, artist-wannabee and mom, Carol Howard Merritt and yours truly[…]

February 26 2009

MODcast, Episode 3:  Appointments and Amendments Webcast previously known as Moderator Musings DATE: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 TIME: 5:00PM, PST LOCATION: Your computer  SHOW LINK: on uStream* You are invited to join once again for an hour of online conversations, community[…]

February 18 2009

Yes, I am in Asia and should probably be blogging about that, but I ran across this vlog by and well, you'll see. Well worth the 3:00 of your time.

February 3 2009

Yes, the day is finally arriving, but before I begin rolling out the General Assembly Appointments, I wanted to offer some reflections.  Sorry about the video/audio choppiness – and coughing – but I wanted to get out some thoughts before[…]

November 17 2008

Last week I attended the first day of the evangelism consultation, Growing the Church Deep and Wide where folks gathered to talk about evangelism.  That was about as structured as it got as this was a time to gather without[…]

October 18 2008

While I am seriously lagging in my blogging duties – still finding balance with tending to both my familial and local church service – I was able to get this greeting out to Trinity Presbytery.  Not only do they already[…]

September 19 2008

After hanging out in Cincinnati earlier this week and reconnecting with inner Dr. Johnny Fever, I began thinking about the best theme songs or at least the ones that brought back the best memories for me.  Here you go in[…]

September 14 2008

A few video chuckles . . .

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Because I have been unexpectedly stranded in Cincinnati for the night, here are a few vids that have given me some chuckles. Although a full-fledge member of the Mac cult, Bill’s, got some comedy chops.  The last 30 seconds make[…]

September 14 2008

So this is pretty exciting.  On Tuesday I would love for you to join me for a web-based townhall using  This first episode is going be a learning experience using this service as well as the testing out a[…]

August 29 2008

Okay techno playa’s . . . as part of my other job I am hoping to be a little creative in the use of video feeds, webcasting, etc. over the time of my term.  I’ll be using, and[…]

August 28 2008

Here are a few items of interest . . . BYRON’S LETTER // Because Byron really does ROCK and has some profound things to say to the church, he will, on occasion be writing the monthly church-wide letters that come[…]

August 21 2008


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So even if I were not an Obama supporter, I would think this is funny. [h/t Katie and Mason]

August 8 2008

So what if it is fake – curses Gatorade – this video is pretty darn awesome and whoever said we can’t be inspired to great things by images and actions that are slightly beyond our own imagination? And as long[…]

August 1 2008

I have a few folks that help me stay at least aware of somethings that are happening in the realm of the kewl kids in terms of music, tech etc.  Usually sent via my pownce network, here is a video[…]

July 12 2008

Over on my MODBLOG I was recently called a narcissist.  That’s cool, somewhat true, but hey, my blog.  Over here, it really is about me 😉  And what better way to feature me than this great little ditty.  For those[…]

May 26 2008

Our very own iCarly

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Something tells me we are in a tad bit of trouble with this one.  While she may seem shy in some contexts, Middle is certainly not lacking for personality once you get her going.  Apparently too much iCarly is being[…]

May 25 2008

Good Lord, a video too?!?!?  Thanks to Abby for putting this together! For more vids generated by the place where I pastor, visit our YOUTUBE site.  And of course, feel free to pass it along or post on your own[…]

May 16 2008

Pop goes my heart

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I am sitting here in the hotel room just before heading back home – finally – and HBO is showing Music and Lyrics with Drew and Hugh.  I had not seen this movie before, but the opening video was freaking[…]

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