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November 23 2015

Holidazed weather shifts invitations arrive decorations appear joyful, joyful is the call joy does not always come though somehow I make it through memories of loved ones departed bring back grief and heartache family resentments are added to the hidden pile of[…]

December 8 2012

I am not sure why I click on some things, but today I found myself listening to a conservative pundit again trying to build a case that there is a “War on Christmas.” I am sure you can use your[…]

December 23 2011

Like many people celebrating Christmas, whether as a spiritual discipline or social experience, there is no calm before the storm for me. In fact, it seems like Christmas Eve EVE might even be the storm before the calm. Every year I commit[…]

December 12 2011

I realize that it is a tad bit cliché that my children naturally remind me of so many obvious truths in life, but so what, they do. My youngest child is notorious in our house for her creative spirit and[…]

December 27 2008

[image: norma desmond] As many of you know this was the first Christmas since the tragic death of my brother-in-law, Brian.  The family continues to covet your prayer and amazing spirit of support from all corners of our diverse communities[…]

December 15 2008

It seems every year, somewhere, somehow I get drawn into “The Santa” conversation both as a topic of parenting as well as role as a pastor.  Not that I do not want to keep having the conversation . . […]

December 23 2007

UPDATE 12.22.07 – Clips used on Sunday Not only is Elf one of the funniest movies ever, but great clips for sermons.  I used a bunch of clips from Elf this Sunday went over pretty well.  Was not able to[…]

December 21 2007

Last year there was an ongoing conversations about the appropriateness of Santa during the Christmas season.  I wrote a blog post, Santa, Elmo and Jesus in response to some of the conversations started by one of the MBCC bloggers regarding[…]

December 7 2007

Seems that Christmas brings out the cheese in even the most cynical of my friends.  You know who you are and may out yourselves if you choose.  This phenomenon is very cool and I affirm the inner cheesy/drippy spirit that[…]

November 30 2007

First, despite many in my congregation’s relentless mocking and name-calling – “scrooge” “just wrong” “uptight” “modern” – I will hold tight to my belief that Christmas carols should not be sung until Christmas Eve.  Cheesy Christmas albums at home, fine. […]

December 21 2006

Inspired by some of the posts on Christmas and Santa by members of MBCC over on the church blog, I have been doing quite a bit of surfing and I figured the pastor should weigh in on the whole “What[…]