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June 20 2013

You know who you are. You show up on my twitter or Facebook thread updating like you have just downed a 42oz Red Bull with a Jolt Cola chaser and the idea squirrels in your brain are ready to party. TWEET! TWEET[…]

May 21 2013

With the new book in its last stages of editing and production, the Bruce Reyes-Chow PR Team of 1 (me) is starting to consolidate my online connections and hope that you’ll help jumpstart some of my newest locations. Since I[…]

January 18 2013

A few weeks ago at one of my “offices” – we’ll just call it Philz Coffee on 24th and Douglas in Noe Valley in San Francisco – when logging onto the wireless network, a different window popped up. As one who[…]

January 3 2012

While some of my closest friends knew about this project a few days ago, I am excited to publicly announce my first official book project. In adding to a faith and life book, for years I have wanted to write[…]

January 1 2012

[Photo By aussiegall] I know that for people of all faiths prayer is an incredibly important part of life, not only for one’s own sense of connecting to God, but also in order to stay connected to the people around them. As[…]

December 5 2011

If you are over the 30 you have probably said these words out loud or in your head to someone younger thanst thyself, Don’t post any picture of you drinking and carrying on because someday, a potential employer is going to see it and[…]

September 21 2011

[Photo: drurydrama] Tickers, blue corners and close friends oh my. Yes, Facebook has done it again. Not since the great “Rounded Corners Kerfuffle of 2008” has there been such an uproar over changes to the design and architecture of our[…]

June 20 2011

A little over a month ago, I decided to migrate my Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page. I have sat with this decision for a while now, so thought I would offer some insights for those who might be thinking about[…]

May 31 2011

Today is my final day as the pastor of Mission Bay Community Church and this post will be the last time, for a while, that I’ll focus on my pastoral life there.  It has been a splendid 11+ years, our[…]

May 6 2011

UPDATE, May 7: Profile migration complete. Please “like” and share MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE. In the whole scheme of the world’s problems, all this Social Media stuff is pretty silly, I know it, you know it . . . but[…]

March 2 2011

First, thanks for clicking on over here to read the geekiest of posts.  I know not all of my readers are interesting in the socoal media stuff, but after recent posts on such topics as public education, marriage and bipartisanship, I[…]

February 12 2011

In order to test out the usefulness of the new Facebook Page upgrades, this week, February 13-20, I am going conduct a bulk of my facebook activity: posts, links, updates via my page and not on my profile. But why, you ask[…]

January 11 2011

[image: D Sharon Pruitt] A few weeks ago, I posted Five Reasons Why I Engage in Social Media in the hopes of articulating what I believe many of us experience as we instinctively wander through our social media lives.  I[…]

August 31 2010

A few weeks ago I cross-posted some thoughts about race over on SFGate.  And while the conversations on my blog and Facebook about the post were not always in total agreement, the tone and posture of the dialogue was civil, hopeful and I believe a[…]

March 31 2010

UPDATE June, 2011 – I migrated my profile to a page, so come on over and Like My Page. UPDATE 05.09.10 – According to techcrunch, the 5,000 friend limit may be lifted soon.  We shall see. [Full article] UPDATE 05.06.10 – I am going[…]

February 18 2010

UPDATES 2015: Journaling for 40 days 2014: 40 Days 40 Prayers 40 Words 2013: 40 Days of Thanksgiving 2010: Interview with Michel Martin Oh the dreaded question that comes around every year as we Jesus-types start that time in our church life known[…]

December 19 2008

I just went over to the Growing Christ's Church Deep and Wide ning site after someone poked me because someone said something about me.  I had not ventured over there in a while, but found the thread in questions to[…]

August 5 2008

For those of you who are still not cool enough to have moved on to the next big thing – read, some people indeed think they are too cool for facebook –  here are three apps that I have been[…]

April 17 2008

Due to a variety of reasons – mostly too many freaking people were come to church – about six months ago MBCC decided to intentionally transition from being a “Pastoral Church” to being a “Program Church.”  You can see the[…]

February 18 2008

I heard someone recently talk about the MySpaceazation of Facebook when dealing with all the apps that are on some people’s profiles.  Now I am not one to talk, but really people, it should not look like the Application Elves[…]

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