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July 26 2013

Thanks to  Clay Gunter for this somewhat insider romp through the life of my beloved Presbyterian Church (USA) and his top 12 things Presbyterians should do before they die . My favorite  = #4. Enjoy. A lot of the David Letterman-type Top 10 lists[…]

January 30 2013

UPDATE 01.31.13 – Pastor Apologizes For Snide Remark On Meal Receipt Bell…said her notation on the receipt was a “lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion.” Despite scratching out the tip added to the bill, Bell claimed that[…]

April 6 2012

This spring I am taking a personal blogging hiatus and have invited some folks to blog in my stead. It is my intention help share some new voices and perspectives with a larger audience and keep my blog active during my break. If you are interested in guest[…]

February 5 2011

[Photo: dolmansaxlil] A few weeks ago I posted the following facebook status update: Exercising my vast pastoral skilz today which included: fixing the wifi, rolling out the garbage bins and unclogging a toilet. The stories kept rolling in from folks who[…]

June 24 2010

 [image: mashafeeg] Let me first say that this post should not be misconstrued as a "You all" kind of post as my ability to take vacation is pretty much non-existent. I guess I should first apologize to my family, then to the congregation I[…]

June 2 2009

[image: innoxiuss] 'Tis the season for new calls to begin in churches throughout our denomination.  Not only are many seminary graduates finding first calls, but because of school schedules, many pastoral transitions happen during the summer months. With these transitions[…]

April 13 2009

[Image: 1995, my ordination year] Greetings all.  I trust everyone had a revelatory Easter and enjoying some time of rest after Lent and Holy Week. A few weeks ago, I received a note from a seminarian asking me to answer[…]

March 16 2009

[image: pupal] I remember when I was in seminary, I used to be pretty judgmental about my colleagues. During classes and other activities I found myself thinking to myself, “I would not want you as my pastor.”  Yeah, yeah, not good[…]

November 12 2008

[Photo by aeshnaton] Greetings all . . . I have been having a wonderful time here in New Jersey* and New York and will report on that later, but I just received a note from a recent seminary graduate regarding the[…]

November 7 2008

There has been so much to reflect upon as of late: the elections, papers, appointments, etc.  Am trying to keep up and will post some more soon.  Until then, here is a greeting that Byron and I just sent off[…]

May 6 2008

One way you know that you are truly worthy of your Presby-nerd platinum membership status is that you have your google alerts set for things such as "Presbyterian Church (USA)" and/or "PC(USA)"  Lest you mock, if you do not, you[…]

February 1 2008

[Photo by Joe Lanman] Okay, so it is Friday AM and I am sitting in a cafe here in SF about an hour before my first meeting of the day.  Due to people’s schedules, my schedule and my lack of a complete[…]

September 18 2007

[Photo by Godorium Bassanensis] Yes . . . I KNOW, one cannot define the attributes of things “postmodern,” one can only describe them.  Still, if churches and communities are going to explore new ways of raising and nurturing leadership, shouldn’t there[…]

June 30 2006

About two or three times a years when talking about Mission Bay Community Church, someone makes the assumptions that MBCC is an Asian American congregation.  After trying to politely correct that assumption I am again left with the internal question[…]