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October 17 2014

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending a few days with some United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church (USA) church educators from the Great Lakes area. Not to be undone in the denominational alphabet soup Olympics the two[…]

June 25 2013

Props to my friend and colleague Tom Hay, who staffs the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s biennial  national gathering, General Assembly, and  for his openness to post this. For those non-Presbyterians, the General Assembly is a meeting of about 1,000 participants and thousands more observers and staff[…]

June 21 2013

Considering this has over 1.5 million views already, I realize that I am a little late to the party on this one. That said, just in case you have not seen in, here is Mac Lethal and his convergence of[…]

June 20 2013

You know who you are. You show up on my twitter or Facebook thread updating like you have just downed a 42oz Red Bull with a Jolt Cola chaser and the idea squirrels in your brain are ready to party. TWEET! TWEET[…]

January 18 2013

A few weeks ago at one of my “offices” – we’ll just call it Philz Coffee on 24th and Douglas in Noe Valley in San Francisco – when logging onto the wireless network, a different window popped up. As one who[…]

January 14 2013

This past week I was invited be part of a slate of PechaKucha presentations at the Emergence Christianity Gathering in Memphis, TN.   Just before it was about to begin I tweeted . . . Right about now all of[…]

September 21 2011

[Photo: drurydrama] Tickers, blue corners and close friends oh my. Yes, Facebook has done it again. Not since the great “Rounded Corners Kerfuffle of 2008” has there been such an uproar over changes to the design and architecture of our[…]

July 8 2011

The Google+ roll-out continues with mixed reaction. Some are certainly frustrated by the inability to actually join, thus reinforcing Google’s ability to create an atmosphere of scarcity while others are fully jumping in hoping that this might indeed be a viable alternative to privacy-fickly facebook[…]

June 29 2011

First things first . . . I DO NOT HAVE GOOGLE+ INVITES TO SEND . . . yet 😉 But in lieu of an invitation, I shall simply taunt you will the knowledge that I did get one from someone who knows that[…]

June 20 2011

A little over a month ago, I decided to migrate my Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page. I have sat with this decision for a while now, so thought I would offer some insights for those who might be thinking about[…]

May 31 2011

Today is my final day as the pastor of Mission Bay Community Church and this post will be the last time, for a while, that I’ll focus on my pastoral life there.  It has been a splendid 11+ years, our[…]

May 19 2011

After yet another round of classy comments from SFGate commenters on my last post, I had another conversations with someone about the usefulness of comments on a blog. For places like SFGate I could probably post, “Puppies are cute!” and[…]

May 6 2011

UPDATE, May 7: Profile migration complete. Please “like” and share MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE. In the whole scheme of the world’s problems, all this Social Media stuff is pretty silly, I know it, you know it . . . but[…]

March 2 2011

First, thanks for clicking on over here to read the geekiest of posts.  I know not all of my readers are interesting in the socoal media stuff, but after recent posts on such topics as public education, marriage and bipartisanship, I[…]

September 2 2010

When I first wore this shirt, my teen-aged daughter tweeted, “Dad is wearing a shirt with a symbol of unknown origin on it.” Oh those whipper-snappers have no idea of the joy that seeing this “symbol” brought to me what[…]

February 10 2007

I supposed this is a continuation of my post a few months back, Why Do I Blog, You Ask?  Call it justification for escapism or just an excuse not to interact with real live humanoid units, but I am standing[…]

November 20 2006

So I have done it . . . I am leaving the safe and comfy confines of PC-landia [Dell Inspiron 6000] and hauling my sorry butt to MAC-topia [MacBook Pro]. This is kind of a return for me after being[…]