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December 27 2012

Shameless parent bragging as this may be, sue me, she makes me smile. After seeing the movie Pitch Perfect, inspired by Beca’s (played by Anna Kendrick) audition song, “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” two of my daughters decided to learn “The Cup Game.”  This[…]

December 3 2012

Each evening and morning I am reminded that I am in a time of transition: professionally, personally and pastorally. This picture is not of some randomly discovered image found via an internet search for “sad and forgotten stack of moving boxes.” Nope, it’s[…]

January 17 2012

[photo by Brandon Christopher Warren] They say that men think about sex a lot. There is some debate on about exactly how often, but  it is probably safe to say, it is often. For those of us in the sharing and opining[…]

January 3 2012

[photo by kkalyan] Last end of the year I promise [twitter year in review | blogging year in review] I have never really been a “New Year ‘s Resolutions” kind of guy. I figure if you want to try to accomplish something[…]

March 24 2011

[photo: jakimowicz] About six months ago, in an attempt to streamline my life and give myself permission to not accomplish everything all at once, I took a soft stop on a book project that I had been working on for the past[…]

November 27 2010

Like so many people, I woke up on Friday morning with a serious case of the “I cannot believe I ate a whole turkey” Day After Thanksgiving Blues.  I rolled out of bed, slipped on some clothes and went out[…]

November 7 2010

You are invited!  It is hard to believe, but it was just 20 years ago, on December 1, 1990, that Bruce and Robin exchanged their wedding vows before family, friends and God.   You are invited to celebrate the occasion[…]

August 17 2010

UPDATE 08.17.10: Upon opening up my book doc, realized that it has been SIX months since I have worked on it. Wow. Time flies when you’re . . .  [Photo By Aeioux] This might just be the lamest post I have[…]

December 1 2009

19 years ago today, this 21-year-old college student said these vows to his young bride in a funky wedding service befitting their San Francisco, churchy, hipster, hippiesque leanings.  It’s hard to believe that that chilly San Francisco morning was almost[…]

November 24 2009

This year there will be no big Thanksgiving family gathering for the Reyes-Chow/Pugh family.  With my Grandfather's death last week, we are honoring the traditions that my grandmother has asked of us, among them, that the family not attend any[…]

November 19 2009

Yesterday, surrounded by his family, Chuck Chow passed away; a wonderfully peaceful end to a wonderfully full life. My cousin has posted a beautiful post about Grandpa Chow capturing images and words that gives just a glimpse of the this[…]

August 26 2009

balikbayan: to return home to one’s town or nation; to go home. I write this post from while sitting in my temporary “office” with the view pictured to the right.  No, I didn’t up and leave San Francisco for the[…]

May 3 2009

[image: robokow] Today is my 40th Birthday.  So far I have survived 😉 The social media enabled well wishes via twitter and facebook have been overwhelming as I experience the blessings and breadth of God’s presence in my life.  While[…]

May 1 2009

It is hard to believe that in just two days I turn the big 40. Yep, forty years ago on May 3rd in Stockton, CA this bundle of cuteness entered the world 😉 Generally birthdays have never been a big[…]

December 1 2008

It has gone so fast to tell you the truth, but 18 years ago on a chilly Saturday morning, Robin and I were married.  My joke used to be" . . . and it has been the bet 25 years[…]

November 17 2008

By now you may have heard about the tragedy that has come upon my family and the shooting death of my brother-in-law, Brian Pugh, last week.  While many try to rush to make some sense of such violence I have[…]

November 16 2008

Our family is filled with gratitude for the outpouring of prayers lifted up on behalf of Carol, the kids and the rest of the Pugh family during this tragic time.  It goes without saying that this past day with Eldest[…]

November 14 2008

With a heavy heart, I ask for prayers this evening for a family who’s very being has forever been changed. As some of you may have heard, earlier this evening there was a shooting in the South Bay.   One of[…]

October 29 2008

I felt bad as a friend was visiting from out of town and I had a hard time focusing on her visit.  Too many things running around my head: budgets, blogs, church, etc.  I even made her go to church[…]

May 3 2008

Here I am squeezing a post in before Robin returns with seven little girls for my middle child’s birthday sleepover.    Robin pulled trampoline duty and I got the house and dinner prep.  Yes, my birthday is just one day[…]

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