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June 14 2017

Below is a chapter from Rule #2: Don’t Be an Asshat: An Official Handbook for Raising Parents and Children. Over time we will be posting most of the book, though, should this inspire you to buy a copy, we would not be offended[…]

August 28 2013

One of my first memories of being a pastor was a visit I made to one of our home-bound members, Julie (not her real name). Julie had been a child of the church, had attended worship throughout her adulthood, sang[…]

May 21 2013

  I love playing guitar. But truth be told, I am not very good. Sure, I can rock out on “Shine Jesus Shine,” “One Tin Soldier” or “Brown Eyed Girl” like no one’s business, but I am pretty sure that[…]

January 16 2013

UPDATE: Remembering that my mom probably never stops worrying, my “little” brother is in blue [VIDEO] Every once in a while — no check that, all the time, I worry about the future of my children. Of course, I want them to[…]

January 7 2013

With the recent National Rifle Association’s campaign to bring armed guards into every school in the United States [12/21/12], I’m out. Simply put, this posture of thinking and the conversations that have spun out of it, are indicative of[…]

May 11 2012

As part of my Guest Blogging Series, this week I am glad to welcome back  Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim as she muses on Mother’s Day. Grace received her M.Div. from Knox College and her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto[…]

April 24 2012

What began as  a personal blogging hiatus, there has been such a positive response to the  to the Guest Blogging Crew, I am making this a regular feature on my blog. It is my intention to expose new/different voices to a larger audience so if you[…]

November 12 2011

Yesterday I came home to this . . . Apparently my two youngest daughters and their friend had decided to build a fort in our living room. As children have done for eons, every chair and blanket in the house was[…]

October 17 2011

  Earlier this summer, I got onto a bit of a blogging roll: pissing off hard core photographers, musing on same-sex marriage and taking on the issue of gun violence. There was spirited interaction on all of the posts, but the[…]

September 12 2011

For my first foray into the Patheos Book Club I chose to take a peek at R. Kirby Godsey’s book Is God a Christian?. With words and emotions of the the 9/11 10 year remembrance in the air, I thought this would be a great[…]

February 14 2011

Dear Girls, You may not remember, but four years ago I wrote you a really cheesy letter expressing the love and hopes that your mom and I have for your lives. Well, your Dad is cheesy as ever so I[…]

September 16 2010

Feel free to comment here as always, but I would love to also keep talking on twitter at @breyeschow or via the #DadsTalking thread. Yesterday I had one of the those “bad daddy” moments.  You see, Youngest has a reputation[…]

February 8 2008

[Photo by Darwin Bell] I can see it now.  Moderatorial aspirations die with post about why church sucks.  What kind of language is that to use for a Moderator?!?!?  Sheesh. I’ll just have to take that risk as no other title[…]